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The Tattoo machine is a tool. As with any other tool there are different tools for different applications. Whether you need a machine for fine detail lines or for large areas of solid color, Blood Money Irons has the right tool for the job. We offer seven different machine setups to cover a wide range of tattooing styles.



Fine Detail Liner Stiff, short stroke with a fast speed intended for 1,3 and 5 liners.

Power Liner (standard liner) Our most versatile liner. It offers a large power range with a medium stroke. At 5v this can be used with 5 liners, or turned higher to push larger groupings up to a tight 11 at 7v.

Sharpie Liner High speed and Medium/Long stoke. This is intended for larger groupings from loose 8 to 18s.



Soft Color Blending Shader Short soft and fast stroke. Intended for soft color blending and soft black and grey using 9 to 15 mags


Standard Shader Our most versatile shader. Offering a large power range with a medium stroke. At 5v this can be used for black and grey, or turned higher to color blend or even traditional shading at 7.5v. Recommended for 7 to 11mags.


Color Packer Offers a longer stroke with slower speed. Most commonly used with traditional tattooing for large solid areas of color. Turn down the voltage for traditional whip shading. Recommended for 7 to 17mags.


Black & Grey Shader Long slow stroke intended for black and grey. Recommended for 7 to 15mags.

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